How We Work

Leveraging a multi-brand model to share services and top talent across concepts to develop value creation for the growth and longevity of iconic restaurant brands.

Our Strategy

Our strategic platform was developed to and has a primary focus on acquiring and growing iconic restaurant brands. REGO prides itself on a shared services model that drives efficiencies via centers of excellence that improve the franchisee experience by minimizing complexity and enhancing restaurant-level economic models. We embrace the entrepreneurial spirit, shared with our franchisees, to create systems and processes oriented through the lenses of franchisees, not our own, and are actively seeking to grow to further strengthen this platform.

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Acquisition of 8 Dairy Queen restaurants

Throughout 2017, High Bluff acquired 8 Dairy Queen restaurants and established REGO Restaurant Group as a platform for additional restaurant acquisitions.



REGO Restaurants acquired Quiznos

High Bluff Capital’s June acquisition of Quiznos added the first brand to the REGO Restaurant Group portfolio and established the franchisee support center.

REGO acquired Taco del Mar

The second brand acquisition made by High Bluff Capital added Taco Del Mar to the REGO Restaurant Group portfolio and further built out the mid-market restaurant franchise segment of the platform.



REGO, Ghost Kitchen Brands to open 100 units in US and Canada

REGO Restaurant Group partnered with Ghost Kitchen Brands to open 100 new units serving Quiznos and Taco Del Mar in the US and Canada.

Our Expertise

REGO Restaurant Group’s shared services center of excellence provides resources and scale to uniquely benefit each brand in the portfolio, strengthen the economic model of franchise owners, and fuel the growth of each restaurant brand. Led by customer data, we harness the qualities of brands that guests have come to love and innovate customer value through new initiatives designed to meet the ever-changing interests of guests.


Strategic Restaurant Acquisitions