Quiznos resurrects iconic ‘Spongmonkeys’

  • Quiznos announces major marketing campaign featuring the return of the Spongmonkeys, last seen in the mid-2000s, as another step forward for the brand’s resurgence
  • Iconic and divisive mascots pay tribute to the commitment of dedicated Quiznos fans who go out of their way to find a sub.

Iconic Sandwich chain Quiznos announced the return of the Spongmonkeys to fuel the growth the brand is experiencing and celebrate the long-lasting loyalty of Quiznos fans.

First debuting in 2004, the legendary Spongmonkeys mascots are a slice of mid-2000s-internet stardom that have lived on in the cultural memory. Today, the creatures are still loved by many while some find them just as cringeworthy as ever.    The new campaign pays tribute to the commitment of dedicated fans who go out of their way to find Quiznos restaurants as there are fewer Quiznos today than there were years ago – and ushers in the new growth era Quiznos is entering.

With support from the man behind the original Spongmonkey characters and theme song, Joel Veitch, the digital ads and social media campaign feature the sub-loving Spongmonkeys on a road trip across America seeking out Quiznos restaurants.

Quiznos CEO, Tim Casey, said “The Spongmonkeys were last seen in 2005, when they were loved and hated in roughly equal measure. The return of the brand’s most famous mascots, the Spongmonkeys, marks the resurgence of Quiznos.”

To find out more, visit quiznos.com/spongmonkey