Quiznos Canada Launches Classic Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches

By Canadify

Quiznos Canada is inviting fans across Canada can try something new this winter with the launch of its Philly Cheesesteak sandwich seasonal offer at participating locations.

Fans across Canada can now enjoy the popular Philly Cheesesteak classic recipe in four different ways.

The Chicken Philly features chicken with sautéed onions and peppers smothered in mozzarella and topped with banana peppers. It can also be enjoyed spicy with the addition of jalapeños and Batch 83 sauce.

The Steak Philly features chopped steak with sauteed onions and peppers smothered in mozzarella and topped with banana peppers. You can also get it spicy adding jalapeños and Batch 83 sauce.

Batch 83 sauce is a spicy four-pepper chili sauce.

To celebrate the launch, participating locations will be offering any nine-inch Philly sub for $6 from February 14 through February 20, 2022.

Additionally, fans can utilize their Quiznos Toasty Points later this Spring and receive any nine-inch Philly sub, chips, and a regular fountain soda for only $10.

The classic Philly Cheesesteak sandwich can be found at participating locations across Canada for a limited time starting February 8, 2022.

Taco Del Mar Introduces Crispy Shrimp Tacos

By QSR Magazine

Taco Del Mar, a Pacific Northwest favorite known for its Rippin’ Fish Tacos, announced the launch of a new item inspired by coastal flavors and good times – Crispy Shrimp Tacos. Guests can satisfy their cravings for warmer days by enjoying the limited time offer crafted to provide comfort and deliver a taste of Baja.

The Crispy Shrimp Taco is chef-inspired and piled high with shredded cabbage, made-in-house Baja white sauce, and topped with fresh pico de gallo. Taco Del Mar puts a twist on the classic recipe by adding a kick of spice to the fan favorite. In addition to the taco, guests can add crispy shrimp to any menu entrée including burritos, taco salads, burrito bowls and more. They can further customize their meal by adding extra meat, picking their favorite made-in-house salsa, and piling on their preferred toppings.

“Bringing the Crispy Shrimp Taco to our restaurants is something we are very pleased about, and we can’t wait to see our guests enjoy this delicious, limited time offer,” says Mike Gieseman, Vice President of Culinary Innovation. “We had so much fun integrating the coastal flavors into our menu and finding new ways for guests to enjoy the crispy shrimp by adding it to our other entrees.”

The large, lightly breaded, oven-baked crispy shrimp are an additional seafood option joining the menu alongside Taco Del Mar’s well-loved signature item Rippin’ Fish. The price for two tacos starts around $8, though prices vary by market.

The Crispy Shrimp Taco is available for a limited time starting February 22 in U.S. and Canada locations while supplies last.

Taco Del Mar Adds New Loaded Tortilla Soup

By ChewBoom

Taco Del Mar introduces new Loaded Tortilla Soup as the chain’s latest limited time seasonal menu offering.

Loaded Tortilla Soup features zesty tortilla soup loaded with Mexican seasoned rice, either black or refried beans and choice of protein, topped with fresh pico de gallo, shredded cheese, sour cream, and crispy tortilla chips.

You can find Loaded Tortilla Soup at participating Taco Del Mar locations in the US and Canada for a limited time only.

Quiznos Lobster Classic Returns to Menu

By QSR Magazine

The long-awaited return of Quiznos’ favorite Lobster Classic signals that spring is just around the corner. This seasonal limited time offer is joined again by the Old Bay Lobster Club making for a flavorful adventure.

 The Lobster Classic Sub is made with a lobster and seafood salad mix with shredded lettuce on butter-toasted Italian white bread with a lemon wedge garnish. Likewise, the Old Bay Lobster Club includes the same lobster and seafood salad mix along with Old Bay seasoning, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and spicy mayo on a butter-toasted Italian white bread with the lemon garnish. Guests can enjoy their sandwich of choice and more by adding a beverage and chips and making it a combo.

“We are thrilled to be bringing back these two sandwiches this year,” says Mike Gieseman, Vice President of Culinary Innovation. “The delicious Lobster Classic and newer, but just as loved, Old Bay® Lobster Club are some of our most popular seasonal treats and we can’t wait for our guests to enjoy them again.”

Quiznos Goes Bold with Bison Reuben Sandwich

By QSR Magazine

Quiznos is shaking up its fall menu with its latest innovation, the limited-time only Bison Reuben, bringing a unique twist to a popular sandwich. The Bison Reuben features tender and delicious, premium bison from High Plains Bison and is piled high with sauerkraut, swiss cheese and tangy Thousand Island dressing, all served on toasted rustic rye bread.

Quiznos partnered with High Plains Bison to push the boundaries of fast-casual sandwich options and offer a flavorful, high-quality corned bison, free from growth hormones, antibiotics, steroids, or animal by-products and produced in small artisan batches. The Bison Reuben is a creative and tasty alternative to traditional corned beef with significantly less fat and 49g of protein in each 8” sandwich.

“While our guests find familiar items appealing, they are also consistently looking for new and adventurous menu items to try,” says Chef Mike Gieseman, Director of Culinary and Innovation for REGO Restaurant Group, which owns Quiznos. “The Bison Reuben provides a unique protein option to the beloved traditional Reuben sandwich. Bison is a tender and flavorful meat that can elevate a well-loved sandwich to new heights.”

The Bison Reuben is available in the U.S. and Canada at participating locations while supplies last beginning October 20.